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Fresh, clean air at the cow level is the foundation of every happy, healthy, high-producing herd.

About Ventilation

We make it easier for you to operate your farm using our patented technologies and effective cooling velocity fans.

Benefits of Ventilation

Dry Bedding

Removes Noxious Gases

Reduced Mastitis

Reduced Pneumonia

“The number one thing the VES-Artex fans have
done for our facility is milk production. 
We stay more consistent.”

Alex DeJager, Owner
Vista Verde Dairy

PPF: Belt Drive

Inlet Fans

Inject fresh air into the barn where it is redistributed to the animal level.

Circulating Fans

Control and directed waves provide fresh air at the animal level minimizing insects and drying bedding to improve animal health.
(AFR): Direct Drive Exhaust Fan

Exhaust Fans

Remove contaminated air by pulling fresh air effectively through your barn.

Rolled Curtains

Leverage nature’s airflow with automated roll curtains using direct drive technology.
Rolled Curtains


Record and automate changes in your barn.

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