Intelligent Soaker

Sustainable and efficient soaking for your farm with up to 70% water savings.

Product Overview

The VES-Artex Intelligent Soaker provides an innovative solution to heat stress. Compared to traditional on/off timer soaking systems, the Intelligent Soaker soaks an animal if it is present, showing up to 70% water savings on test sites.

The Intelligent Soaker was developed to assist dairy farms to be environmentally sustainable while mitigating heat stress and maximizing animal productivity. The Intelligent Soaker helps dairies be responsible and steward resources wisely.

Intelligent Soaker 2.0

Features & Benefits of Intelligent Soakers

Intelligent Soaker


  • Soaks when the animal is present
  • Can be added to most existing systems using standard nozzles and the system is easy to retrofit
  • Maximum soaking with minimal water = win, win!
  • No batteries to replace or cameras to clean
  • Soaking is automatically activated based on programmed temperature parameters
  • Durable construction to endure a farm’s tough environment
  • LED light on feed alley side of wiring harness indicates performance status of each nozzle

The Intelligent Soaker 2.0 features a cow-friendly LED light on the feed alley side of each wiring harness to indicate the performance status of their respective soaking nozzle. A blinking light means the device is searching for a cow to soak. A solid light means a cow is present and the unit is soaking, or the unit is in the dwell time and is waiting to soak again.  

  • Available Options

  • Additional options for the VES-Artex Intelligent Soaker will be posted here in the future.

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