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Save Time, Money, and Resources on Your Dairy

Consumers are demanding greater environmental sustainability and transparency from dairy producers and other consumer-driven industries, not just focusing on climate change. They are also focusing on conserving water, energy, and other natural resources as they are striving to be eco-friendly during what is called the eco-awakening. The IBM Institute for Business Value’s survey (February 2022) involving 16,000 consumers found that “more than half (51%) of respondents say environmental sustainability is more important to them today than it was 12 months ago. [They] also found that consumers’ actions are starting to match their intent.”

How to Do More with Less & Increase Your Efficiency

According to Erin Cortus, from the University of Minnesota, sustainability is an integrated system of plant and animal production practices that will satisfy the human demand for food, while making the most efficient use of nonrenewable and on-farm resources.

Essentially, this means dairy producers need to continue to consider the current market’s supply and demand while implementing tools and systems to generate greater farm efficiency. Efficiency is gold for any business in any industry, so working together to find small but smart ways to do more with less is a win for all.

How Can Dairy Producers Generate Greater Environmental Sustainability?

Dairy farms can continue to find ways to help their planet, and in turn their bottom line, by implementing tools and systems that focus on saving water, time, and energy. By creating appropriate animal environments with connected technologies, you can save your operation time, money, and resources.

Here are a few of our favorite efficient tools to consider:

  • The Intelligent Soaker was developed to generate greater efficiency by using less water during heat abatement for your herd’s comfort. In fact, some farms have seen up to a 70% savings in water on the farm!
  • DairyBOS was developed to save dairy producers time and effort through automation and syncing ventilation, lighting, and cooling tools into a single system.
  • VES-Artex ventilation systems are scientifically designed to maximize energy efficiency and airflow volume where you want it, onto your cows. 

Here at VES-Artex, we strive to develop solutions and systems that increase cow comfort and dairy production through efficiency. Focusing on environmental sustainability and efficiency is good for business, the environment, and people.

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