About Us

VES-Artex is your partner for building and sustaining a successful operation.

With 50+ years of experience serving the agricultural industry, VES-Artex is the premier global technology solutions provider for environmental systems in agricultural facilities around the world.

We are based in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin, the home of our Global Headquarters and Innovation Center. With the power of the largest ventilation fan testing chamber in North America, we conduct on-site research which fast-tracks product development. We also have a talented team assembling products and shipping them worldwide. Our collective team of experts, designers, veterinarians, and fluid-dynamitists collaborate with dealers, producers, and agricultural experts around the world to drive the dairy industry forward.  Our sister company is Royal de Boer, a long-standing organization based in the Netherlands. Their robust system solutions and knowledgeable staff equip them to be industry leaders in the European market. Together, we are changing the world’s relationship with dairy.

At our core, VES-Artex is a steward of the land, the herd, and the producer’s business. We are stewards by designing and offering reliable system solutions, leveraging technology and innovation to create a connected dairy all while improving the user experience with our digital business tools. We specialize in five innovative system solutions which are all focused on creating and maintaining an animal-centered environment. These systems include Cattle Handling, Calf Care, Cooling, Lighting, and Ventilation. Each system is durably constructed to protect each producer’s herd and investment. Intelligent solutions can be connected to our trailblazing software, DairyBOS® which is a fully integrated and automated barn operating system designed to optimize both animal welfare and operational efficiency. Automating a barn revolutionizes its management, profitability, and the herd’s comfort.

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