Variable Frequency Drive (VFD)

Automatic control of a ventilation system

Product Overview

Streamline ventilation management in a facility with low energy consumption by using a Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) from VES-Artex.

A VFD works with a ventilation control to automatically increase or decrease fan speed based on the temperature in a facility. Automatic adjustments remove the manual operation which means staff can focus on other tasks and the herd is always taken care of. Automated ventilation management in a facility provides a comfortable working environment for the staff and herd. A VFD can have lower energy usage because the variable speed control allows the fans to operate at the optimal speed to produce the right amount of airflow based on environmental influences. This means the fans aren’t operating at higher speeds than needed; saving energy and financial resources.

Variable Frequency Drive (VFD)
  • Available Options

    • External EMC filter required, purchase separately
    • Integrated disconnect switch is available
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