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Panel Circulation Fan (Blast & Breeze)

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Product Overview

Our panel fans are scientifically designed to be energy efficient while producing significant airflow volume. The air flow which helps control insects, dry bedding, mitigate heat stress, and encourage cow health and production. Fans can be mounted to posts or suspended from the ceiling.

Panel fans are strategically constructed with high-grade corrosion-resistant fiberglass housing with a thick layer of UV protectant to prolong the fan’s life. The motors are CSA/CSA-US rated and available in 50 and 60 Hz.

VES-Artex panel fans are available with belt drive motors in sizes 36”, 50”, 55”, 72”, and 84”. The belt drive motors feature quick-change belts which save time, labor, and financial resources when any maintenance is completed. Panel fans are also available with direct drive motors in sizes 36”, 50”, 55″ and 72″. The fully enclosed direct drive motor and sealed bearings assist with the fan’s durability.

Pair the panel fan with a high-pressure fogging system to cool the air being pushed to the herd. Connect the fans to a control system to automate their operation.

All Panel fans have variable speed capabilities which allows custom speed parameters to be utilized year-round in all climates.

  • Available Options

  • Belt Drive Sizes: 36″, 50″,55″, 72″ and 84″

    Direct Drive Size: 36″, 50″, 55″, and72″

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