Supra Touch

Monitor Humidity, Ammonia, Carbon Dioxide and More

Product Overview

Monitor and control a facility’s ventilation with a Phason Supra Touch control. Designed for use with all VES-Artex fans using any VES-Artex VFD, Phason’s 16-stage control can vary the speed of up to forty fans based on temperature, humidity, ammonia, and carbon dioxide values received from connected Phason and DOL sensors. The Supra Touch control can have up to four zones in which various ventilation equipment is controlled, including VFDs, single-stage fans, and soaking systems.

The Supra Touch is constructed with a fire retardant, corrosion and water-resistant NEMA 4X enclosure. It utilizes a three-second full-power-turn-on for minimizing ice-up. Other notable components of the control are the twelve pluggable general-purpose relay, four 0-10 Volt DC analog outputs, one alarm relay, power-failure settings protections, and a 5” (12.7cm) touch screen.

This Phason control has adjustable temperature set points ranging from 14⁰F to 110⁰F (-10⁰C to 43⁰C). The Supra Touch can fully automate a facility’s ventilation strategy year-round.

A control infrastructure greatly impacts the herd’s microclimate. Creating the best microclimate positively influences milk production, fertility, health, and overall comfort.

  • Available Options

  • • Humidity, ammonia, and carbon dioxide sensors
    • Variable DC output module which adds four 0-10 VDC outputs

    • Variable and fixed stage ventilation, curtains, heating, cooling equipment, and duty cycles are all offered as options

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