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Removing stale, dirty air is as essential to any ventilation strategy as injecting fresh, clean air into a facility. The powerful exhaust fans pull air over various static pressures and expel it through the extended exhaust cone. Constructed with robust fiberglass housing, reinforced blades, and OSHA compliant safety guards, these fans are built to endure harsh environments in every ventilation layout.

VES-Artex exhaust fans are available with belt drive motors in sizes 50”, 55”, and 72”. These fans feature an automatic belt tensioner and an adjustment bracket for easy alignment. They also feature quick-change belts which save time, labor, and financial resources when any maintenance is completed. Exhaust fans with direct drive motors are available in sizes 55” and 72”. These motors are fully enclosed with sealed bearings. All motors are UL Listed and CE certified.

Connect the fans to an overarching control system to automate their usage year-round in all climates. Upgrade a ventilation strategy’s performance by installing VES-Artex’s Roller Shutter. More information about the Roller Shutter is available in the “Resources & Documentation” section below.

(AFR): Belt Drive
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  • Exhaust fans with “S” and “V” housings are bolted directly on to a barn’s wall whereas exhaust fans with “FRP” housing are installed through the wall.

    Exhaust fans with “S” and “FRP” housings are available for both belt drive and direct drive motors. “V” housings are only available for fans with direct drive motors.

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