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Harness Long-Day Lighting for Increased Milk Production

Consistent milk production is vital for the success of dairy farms and long-day lighting solutions offer a way to optimize your dairy operation. Long-day lighting strategies can enhance milk production in your herd even when daylight hours are not plentiful. Therefore, as the summer months bring longer daylight hours, it is essential to leverage this natural advantage and then continue to provide that same consistent lighting even when the days become shorter to maximize milk production.

Since “long-day lighting aims to deliver a constant, 16- to 18-hour period of light, and a 6- to 8-hour period of darkness,” summer brings extended daylight hours that provide an opportunity for dairy farmers to capitalize on this natural phenomenon. With more hours of sunlight available, cows have increased potential for milk production and overall productivity. Natural long-day lighting helps harness this potential and ensures your herd thrives during the summer 

What are the Benefits on Milk Production?

Long-day lighting influences the cow's Pineal Gland, which is responsible for producing melatonin. When cows experience extended daylight, they produce less melatonin and increase their natural activity hormone levels. This hormonal balance stimulates milk production and helps optimize the performance of your herd during the abundant daylight hours of summer.

Implementing long-day lighting strategies can have significant benefits for milk production. Studies have shown that lactating cows exposed to longer daylight periods can experience an increase of up to 10% in milk production. Additionally, the extended light exposure encourages higher dry matter intake, resulting in improved overall performance and profitability for your dairy operation.

What are the Long-Day Lighting Solutions?

At VES-Artex, we offer energy-efficient long-day lighting solutions designed specifically for dairy farms. These solutions effectively supplement natural sunlight, providing cows with the optimal amount of stimulating light. By utilizing the following technologies, you can maintain consistent, high-quality milk production throughout the entire year:

  • Hygiene Array: Provides focused light on the udders in the parlor to support the health and safety of the herd.
  • AGM3 Peak Array: After the peak, the most noticeable physical component of this light is its square shape for this high bay LED light. This unique design spreads the light in a wide footprint which reduces hot spots, shadows, and glare for the herd. Without these stressors, the herd is more relaxed.
  • Optimal Array: The optimal premium high bay light is ideal for long-day lighting systems and uses fewer fixtures than other inexpensive lights. Its unique design is perfect for “dusty” locations. Premium efficiency, premium life, and premium light spread makes it an ideal choice for the dairy industry.
  • Aurora Array: Ideal for ceilings 14’ (4.3m) and under, this light makes a big impact. Completely sealed and safe to use in food-grade environments, the Aurora can be used in the parlor, walkways, and low bay areas. 

Leveraging long-day lighting solutions during the winter months when days are shorter can significantly boost milk production and optimize the performance of your dairy herd. By capitalizing on extended daylight hours, producers can enhance milk yields and overall profitability. It’s time to utilize lighting solutions to ensure your cows receive the optimal amount of stimulating light that contributes to the success and well-being of your herd.

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