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Product Overview

The Aurora Array is our leading Tri-Proof linear light. Tri-proof means that they are moisture, corrosion, and explosion-proof. Ideal for ceilings 14’ (4.3m) and under, this light makes a big impact. Completely sealed and safe to use in harsh environments, the Aurora can be used in the parlor, walkways, and low bay areas. The aluminum housing allows heat to escape quickly which extends the life of each unit.

The Aurora Array is available in 4’ (1.2m) and 8’ (2.4m) sections. Link the lighting units or use them independently. Adjust the intensity and color temperature on the unit itself or connect the units to an overarching control to automatically operate them. Just like its namesake, the Aurora Array produces brilliant light which completely illuminates its environment.

Aurora Array
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  • The Aurora Array is available in 4′ (1.219m) and 8′ (2.438m) sections.

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