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The AGM3 Peak Array LED High Bay light is specifically designed for dairy barns. The body style features its namesake peak which keeps birds from nesting on top. The Peak Array is constructed from durable, corrosion-resistant aluminum. It is UL Listed with an IP65 rating. Each unit features powder coated aluminum which enhances heat transfer and is corrosion proof. The plug-and-play installation is perfect for independent usage or to connect to an overarching control system to automate operation. All units are dimmable which means they are easily incorporated into any long-day lighting strategy.

After the peak, the most noticeable physical component of this light is its square shape. This unique design spreads the light in a wide footprint which reduces hot spots, shadows, and glare for the herd. Without these stressors, the herd is more relaxed.

Prioritize an animal-centered environment by utilizing Peak Array high bay lights in a barn today!

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