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Sharing Dairy’s Story with Your Neighbors

“We have to right the ship. We have to reengage with the non-ag community, because we can’t keep trying to go away from them hoping to be left alone.” Dr. Donald Niles, Ph.D

Dr. Niles introduces the unique history of farming in Kewaunee County, Wisconsin in this latest edition of the VES-Artex Academy Webinar series. He describes the “Four Waves” in the county’s rich farming past. This fascinating perspective highlights the evolution of the farming industry in Kewaunee County and sheds light on the challenges in today’s “Fourth Wave" and how he has shared his dairy's story with his community.

Dr. Niles explains small family farms and farming communities have dramatically changed. “Now, as we see agriculture performed efficiently by a tiny fraction of our population, we find fewer and fewer people around us who understand we are doing it in the best way possible.”  Lack of communication has led to misunderstandings about ground water protection and sustainability in Kewaunee County.

Dr. Niles and a large group of area farmers formed the outreach group Peninsula Pride Farms — this public relations effort has proven a great success in rebuilding relationships among neighbors in Kewaunee County and share their dairy's story.

Some of the main objectives for water protection include:

  • Evaluating member farms to craft individual plans for continuous improvement.
  • Setting goals and measuring progress to protect surface and ground water.
  • Assisting farmers in meeting voluntary standards recommended by the state for sensitive fields.
  • Improving soil health and reducing phosphorus loss.

Watch this informative webinar with Dr. Niles and discover how Peninsula Pride Farms is sharing their concern as stewards of the Earth and building positive relationships. “The focus of Peninsula Pride Farms is to create a secure future for farmers and our neighbors,” said Dr. Niles.

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