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The Best Option for Your Barn: Traditional PVC vs. Roller Shutter

Choosing the right shutter type, whether a traditional or a roller shutter, for your facility depends on the specific barn and operational needs. A dairy barn is more than just a structure; it's a vital component of agricultural operations, housing livestock, equipment, and valuable resources. Trent Fransway, Applications Engineer at VES-Artex, says, “Fan shutters are essential for environmental control and farm efficiency. They protect animals, ensure a comfortable barn environment, and optimize farm operations, making them indispensable for any agricultural setup."

Why Do You Need Fan Shutters?

Using shutters in a barn ensures the optimal functioning of both tunnel and cross-ventilated barns, especially during adverse weather conditions. Whether it's a tunnel or a cross-ventilated setup, producers constantly strive to seal their barns effectively to protect their livestock and maintain a controlled environment. Shutters are instrumental in achieving this goal by offering a means to regulate airflow and create the necessary static pressure within the barn. When minimal ventilation is required, shutters assist in sealing off the barn, conserving energy, and maintaining stable environmental conditions.

What are the Top 2 Benefits of a Traditional PVC Shutter?

One significant benefit to using a traditional PVC fan shutter in your barn is its low cost. Between the static PVC shutter and a roller shutter, the traditional shutter is the cheaper option. This affordability can be particularly advantageous for dairy producers looking to make essential barn improvements without breaking the bank. By opting for traditional shutters, you can allocate your budget more efficiently while still ensuring the optimal functionality of your barn.

The second benefit of using a traditional PVC shutter in your barn is that it requires no electricity or control. This simplicity makes them incredibly versatile and hassle-free to install anywhere within your barn. You can effortlessly set up traditional shutters without wiring or electrical connections, allowing you the flexibility to adapt and position them as needed and saving on installation costs.

What are the Top 3 Benefits of a Roller Shutter?

The first benefit of using a roller shutter is there is significantly less area that is being restricted in the airflow path. With the door completely rolling up, the air is not being forced in any direction from the static louvers. This feature can be particularly beneficial in maintaining a comfortable and healthy environment for livestock, optimizing air circulation, and enhancing the overall efficiency of the barn.

The second advantage of using a roller shutter is its low maintenance and reduced cleaning requirements. Unlike traditional static shutters, which depend on airspeed and are susceptible to debris buildup, roller shutters operate differently. They roll up neatly, creating a sealed barrier less prone to accumulating dirt, dust, or debris. This means less time and effort spent on cleaning and maintenance tasks, allowing farmers to focus their resources on other critical aspects of barn management.

The third benefit of using a roller shutter is its overall better CFM results. VES-Artex has seen better CFM (cubic feet per minute) results, particularly when compared to static shutters, especially in cases where traditional shutters are not adequately maintained. Roller shutters, with their efficient design, not only enhance ventilation but also ensure that optimal airflow is consistently achieved, making them an excellent choice for maintaining a well-ventilated and comfortable environment within the barn.

Ultimately, the choice between traditional PVC and roller shutters depends on the specific barn and operational needs. Both options offer valuable benefits, including cost and energy efficiency. Traditional shutters stand out for their cost-effectiveness, making them a budget-friendly choice for those looking to enhance their barn's functionality. On the other hand, roller shutters maximize space utilization, allowing for unobstructed airflow and better CFM results. In addition, they reduce cleaning efforts to promote a cleaner, healthier barn environment.

Here at VES-Artex, planning the most efficient barn for your herd is paramount. Click here to find a dealer to help you make the best decision for your dairy facility.

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