Stall Divider/Loop

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Our main goal with the freestall environment is to create the best environment we can to encourage the herd to lay down as much as possible, while also making it easier to move in the stall. Proper stall dimensions encourage safety, indexing, rest, and milk production.

VES-Artex freestall systems are open for the cows to enter and exit the beds efficiently all while having enough lunge space without obstructions. The design of the stall dividers provide spacious resting area, 360⁰ head movement, adjustability, and proper indexing. All steel is hot-dipped galvanized to ensure longevity. Single row and Head-to-head (H2H) configurations are available and are compatible with multiple mounting styles.

The back of the barn is where your herd eats, lies, drinks, walks and live the majority of their lives –let’s make sure it’s as comfortable as possible!

Stall Dividers
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