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Product Overview

Concrete floors are known to increase lameness rates, but they also create dangerous, slippery surfaces that increase the risk of other injuries. Studies have shown that cows on rubber alley floors had drastically lower lameness rates than those on concrete. VES-Artex Rolled Rubber Mats have been rigorously tested and are a strong, hard, abrasion-resistant solution for any facility to promote safety and cow comfort.

Features & Benefits of Rubber Mats

VES-Artex Rolled Rubber Mat


  • Lengths up to 150’ without a seam
  • Widths from 1’ to 6.5’
  • Thicknesses of 5/8” to 3/4”
  • Available with or without mesh scrim
  • Non-absorbent and bacteria resistant
  • Designed specifically for the dairy industry
  • UV inhibitor to protect from sun exposure
  • Rubber backing available in ribbed or flat back
  • Available with hammer tone top to prevent cow slippage
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