Feed Front

Non-Locking Feed Fronts

Training tools for future headlock use

Product Overview

Sloped feed rails and V-trainers are our non-locking feed front options. These units train young and inexperienced animals how to put their head through smaller spaces, ensuring a smooth transition to self-lock usage. These units promote cow comfort due to their durable construction and bar spacing.

Sloped Feed Rail

The vertical dividers for the sloped feed rail are laterally adjustable. This allows each producer to customize the cow spacing of each rail for their unique herd. The vertical dividers for the V-Trainer are not adjustable and are welded into place, providing a robust panel without moveable components.

V-Trainer Feed Rail

The  V-Trainer can be used for cows and heifers of all ages, including mature cows, to help train and encourage their confidence using self-locking panels.

  • Available Options

  • Sloped Feed Rail Section Length (Imperial)Sloped Feed Rail Section Length (Metric)Quantity of Openings per section
    7′ 11″2.41 m6
    7′ 11″2.41 m7
    7′ 11″2.41 m8
    7′ 11″2.41 m9
    9′ 1-15/16″2.97 m12
    9′ 11″3.01 m7
    9′ 11″3.02 m8
    9′ 11″3.02 m9
    9′ 11″3.02 m10
    9′ 11″3.02 m12
    11′ 11″3.36 m10
    11′ 11″3.36 m12
    11′ 11″3.36 m14
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