Finger Gates

Hands off one-way cow flow management

Product Overview

Finger gates are one-way sorting gates and provide cow flow management. Did you know, this gate was initially designed for robotic facilities, but can be used in any barn layout style? VES-Artex Finger Gates can easily be shortened or extended to fit any space within your barn with its modular design. This style encourages cow-directed movement without the use of farm staff.

Featuring our noise-reducing hardware and rounded edge fingertips, we’ve designed this system with cow comfort in mind. It also features an auto-lock open or closed feature, which allows your facility’s equipment to access alleyways while containing animals. This means you’re not compromising your herd’s needs or the barn’s operational efficiency, all while promoting animal well-being.
All steel is hot-dipped galvanized to ensure longevity. A training mode configuration is available for cow-centric introduction.

Finger Gates
  • Available Options

  • Our finger gates are modular units which allow you to customize their application.

    The main mounting rail is available in the lengths listed below:

    • 3′ 3-15/16″ (1m)
    • 4′ 11″ (1.5m)
    • 6′ 6-3/4″ (2m)
    • 9′ 10″ (3m)
    • 19′ 8″ (6m)
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