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NEW 50” Blast Fans

A direct drive circulation fan that is economical and efficient for all barn types.

Product Overview

Utilize a high efficiency motor and cash in on environmental rebates with energy savings with this new direct drive circulation fan. This fan can work in a variety of barn ventilation strategies but works particularly well in naturally ventilated barns to boost air circulation.

The 50” Blast fan is truly a jack-of-all-trades. By utilizing an EC motor (a motor with added electronics which combines the best features from both AC & DC power), no VFD is required to take control of your barn’s efficiency and energy usage.

This fan boasts maximum air velocity and distance coverage while maintaining:

  • Outstanding motor performance
  • Energy conservation
  • Versatile applications
  • Low maintenance costs

ROI is always in mind – this is an economic choice for a direct drive fan.

With no parts or belts to change, your solution has a longer life cycle and less preventative maintenance.

This is a win-win for hitting performance goals and energy efficiency with one fan!

Works well with curtains and can be easily mounted onto your feed fronts or integrated with louvered fans for a full ventilation strategy.

Performance Data

BLT50 performance data

Air Coverage Map

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