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Revolutionizing Cow Cooling: VES-Artex Unveils Intelligent Soaker 2.0

Intelligent Soaker 2.0

VES-Artex introduces the Intelligent Soaker 2.0, a new-and-improved soaking system designed to alleviate heat stress while significantly reducing water usage on dairy farms. Paired with control systems, the Intelligent Soaker utilizes intelligent sensor technology to spray water when a cow is present, based on temperature setpoints.

Key features of the Intelligent Soaker 2.0 include easy installation, compatibility with existing systems, and durable stainless-steel nozzles. The system's cow-friendly LED light indicator simplifies monitoring, signaling when units are active and when they are in dwell mode.  The Intelligent Soaker 2.0 behaves similarly to a tradition soaker with on/off intervals. Upon sensing a cow, the unit will begin soaking for 45 seconds, then it will enter a dwell mode where it won't soak, even if a new cow comes within its range for 5 minutes.

Test sites have shown remarkable results, with an average water reduction of 50% and up to 70% compared to traditional soaking systems. Unlike conventional soakers that operate continuously even after temperature thresholds are met, the Intelligent Soaker 2.0 optimizes water usage by delivering targeted cooling precisely when and where it's needed.

Dr. Mario Mondaca, Senior Technical Applications and Research Engineer at VES-Artex, explains, "The Intelligent Soaker addresses the dual challenge of animal welfare and sustainability. By minimizing water waste, farms can achieve a more sustainable operation while providing much needed heat abatement for the herd."

“If you look at how the cow spends her day, she is feeding and in the alleys around 28% of the time,” says Dr. Mondaca. “This is why we are seeing reductions close to 70% on some days when compared to a system running all day long on a timer.”

For dairy producers facing increasing pressure to conserve water and adopt sustainable practices, the Intelligent Soaker 2.0 offers a compelling solution for maximum cow cooling.