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Contemporary Considerations and Opportunities for Milking System Technologies

Join us for our next webinar where we will explore modern day milking system technology and automation and its potential to address present day challenges facing dairymen in the harvest of milk. Daniel Vander Heiden of DeLaval will address what is seen as the primary challenge (labor) and how technology can help alleviate some of the stress of these challenges. Together, we will also review the technologies, primarily rotaries and robots, as they exist today, but will also preview potential labor saving opportunities that may be adaptable to these technologies. Additionally, Dan will also cover different farm management considerations, farm vision/mission & family dynamics and how they may lend themselves to the best technology adaptation. Finally, no comparisons would be complete without considering the financial ramifications of a potential equipment decision. To that end, Dan will discuss the capital requirements and work some Return on Asset examples.

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