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What is commissioning?

VES-Artex has a team of certified experts who confirm via commissioning the component or system installations in the dairy barn are correct. The team uses a wide variety of tools, probes, and sensors to ensure the desired air speeds, soaking durations, lighting parameters, and other key results are being met to create an animal-centered environment.

Benefits of Commissioning

  • Components and systems are confirmed and updated if needed by VES-Artex experts
  • If any installation errors are found, they are quickly resolved
  • Each commissioning team has all the resources they need
  • Ensures all ventilation, cooling and lighting systems are performing to their optimal ability

Commissioning Services can be utilized for independent components or full systems.

  • Available Options

  • Contact us to learn more or to schedule your commissioning service with our team

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  • FAQs

  • Is commissioning included in every sales order?

    No, commissioning is not automatically included in every sales order. It is an additional service and cost.

    Can commissioning be purchased independently?


    Do I have to schedule Commissioning at the time of order?

    Yes, please schedule commissioning at the time of order.

    Can I or my staff be present at the time of Commissioning?

    Yes, producers are encourage to be present but are not expected to be present for the entire time.

    Is Commissioning a one-time offer or a subscription service?

    Commissioning is a one-time offer.

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