Rolled Curtains

Rolled Curtain System

Versatile, durable, and easy to install

Product Overview

When working with Mother Nature to control the environment in your facility, it’s important to take control when and where you can. VES-Artex curtains allow you to effectively control not only the amount of air you let in and out of your barn, but where, when, and how it moves. Made from a clear poly material, VES-Artex curtains provide protection against the elements.

All configurations are built from the same durable materials. The corrosion-resistant aluminum roll tubes, roll tube splices, and top support keder strips ensure the system’s longevity. The aluminum extrusion tube and telescoping arm work together to keep the curtain rolling straight and tight, even after years of use. The direct drive motor and curtain rolling system has sealed internal limit switches. Both power and manual drives are self-braking and the drive can be fix or climbing and set in any orientation.

There are four system configurations to choose from to create an animal-centered environment. These configurations are: top-opening-down single or double rolling system and bottom-opening-up single or double rolling system.

Connect the curtain system to an automatic control to provide hands-off ventilation management. Ensuring a long life, VES-Artex curtain drums have wire cables which take the stress off the curtain in climbing applications.

  • Available Options

  • • Top-opening-down single or double rolling system
    • Bottom-opening-up single or double rolling system
    • Sizes up to 500’
    • Automatic control systems
    • Custom Sizing

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