Polycarbonate siding

Product Overview

EnviroWall Polycarbonate allows natural light to come through without harmful UV rays. That’s right, sunlight is allowed through, but heat and harmful UV rays are completely denied.

Connect light sensors to an overarching lighting control system to leverage natural lighting with the indoor lighting structure. This means indoor lighting will dim and shut off as natural light increases, resulting in big savings on energy and bulb life.

The polycarbonate panels are corrosion and impact-resistant which means harsh weather conditions, such as hail, does not damage the panels. These stud-friendly panels are a cost-effective alternative to steel siding and can also be used as interior baffles.

  • Available Options

  • The polycarbonate panels are available in the color solar grey. They are available in 12′ (3.66 m), 14′ (4.27 m), and 16′ (4.88 m) length panels. Please connect with a VES-Artex representative to create a custom design of your facility with polycarbonate panels.

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