Intelligent Barn™

Fully integrated and automated barn operating system

Product Overview

The Intelligent Barn™ powered by DairyBOS® is a fully integrated barn operating system that allows dairy operators to control environmental conditions from any smart device or tablet easily.

The healthiest, most productive, and most profitable cows are those that are comfortable and are given time to eat with generous periods of rest throughout the day. 

With Intelligent Barn™ control of air, light, and temperature, we can create these environments and increase milk production, reduce illness, and reduce instances of lameness, among other benefits. We achieve this by bringing ventilation, lighting, and cooling together — even from competitors’ products — into a single system that can be automated, monitored, and adjusted in real-time.

Features & Benefits of Intelligent Barn™

Intelligent Barn™


  • Control the air, light, and temperature of your barn right from the app
  • Connect all your devices, even third-party equipment
  • Manage multiple buildings and locations from one interface
  • Receive product updates and new integrations over the web
  • Drive total facility intelligence

What Others Are Saying

Being able to monitor more from our smart phones is a huge advantage for herd managers.

Chris Szydel, Herd Manager, Pagel’s Ponderosa Dairy
  • Available Options

  • Pair DairyBOS with Phason’s Autoflex Connect II

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