Holding Area Soaker

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Product Overview

Holding areas are some of the hottest spaces in a barn. With so many cows so close together, it’s no surprise their body temperatures rise. Dairy cows are susceptible to early embryonic loss when their body temperature rises above 102.2⁰ Fahrenheit (39⁰C). Adding an overhead soaking system showers the herd and thoroughly soaks them across their backs. When combined with proper airspeeds from circulation fans, the water will evaporate and draw heat directly from the cows, reducing their body temperature.

The VES-Artex ventilation and cow cooling team develop custom soaking strategies for each unique barn. With data and research, they determine the temperature parameters, frequency, and duration of the soaking intervals.

Holding Area Soaker
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  • Soaking systems help mitigate heat stress which can increase milk production, dry matter intake, and pregnancy rates. Check-out these resources to learn more!

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