Feedlane Soaking

Effective cooling made easy

Product Overview

Feedlane soaking is a critical component of any cooling strategy. VES-Artex soaker lines use low-pressure, large-droplet water soakers, which allows water to penetrate a cow’s hair and wet her back while keeping her udders dry. The water is then exposed to high airflow which evaporates the water and cools the cows. Soaking the herd at the feedlane provides each cow the opportunity to be cooled. The spray nozzles are positioned behind the headlocks to ensure the water does not soak the feed, only the cow.

Each soaking system is specifically designed for each facility and is constructed with hot-dipped galvanized steel. Each system works in tandem with VES-Artex controls to be a fully automated system.

Besides cooling cows to mitigate heat stress, soaking encourages dry matter intake, higher reproduction rates, and more milk production

Feedlane Soaking
  • Available Options

  • Each system includes:

    • Inlet connector with solenoid, water filter, and ball valve
    • Galvanized water pipe with pipe connectors
    • Anti Drip Nozzles spaced every 1.5 m (5’) along the pipe
    • Soaker pipe mount bracket
    • Environmental controller which adjusts soaking system cycle based on temperature

    Soaker Pipe Comes in 3 Sizes

    • 60mm (2 3/8”) OD
    • 73mm (2 7/8”) OD
    • 89mm (3”) OD

    Soaker Pipe Comes in 3 Lengths

    • 6.1m (20’)
    • 3.05m (10’)
    • 1.52m (5’)
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