Calf Care

Standard Calf Zone

Maximum cow comfort from the start

Product Overview

VES-Artex Standard Calf Zone pens are designed to mount directly to structural walls or by stand-alone rows. The removable sidewalls provide pen-to-pen isolation and prevent disease transmission between each Calf Zone system. The removeable walls allow a quick and easy clean of an entire row of stalls. It also provides a quick adjustment to have animals live together as they grow. This system is fully customizable with various wall lengths, back wall options, bucket and bottle holder options.

Create optimal cow comfort and position the calf for a healthy and productive life right from the start with a standard calf zone.

Standard Calf Zone
  • Available Options

    • Wall mount or standalone
    • 8′ (2.44M) or 10′ (3.05M) wall lengths
    • 2Qt (2L) or 6Qt (6L) bottle holder
    • Single or double-sided hay feeder
    • 5Qt (5L) or 10Qt (10L) buckets
    • Optional robot feeder panel
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